Specialty Dry Cleaning Services


Wedding Gown Restoration

lf the wedding gown of your dreams is a family heirloom passed down from mother to daughter, or a wedding dress you found in a consignment shop or specialty boutique but may have a stain or has yellowed due to age, do not fret. At Suffolk Quality Cleaners all gowns are thoroughly inspected and ... Read more

Wedding Gown Preservation

When it comes to your wedding gown and bridal headpiece, it is one of your most loved possessions. It is a symbol of a cherished time and event in your life. Your wedding gown should be treated with special care and preserved for perhaps your daughter or granddaughter to wear for her wedding. The ... Read more

Christening and Baptism Outfits Preservation

Ensure that one of the special moments in your child's life is preserved an cherished forever. Many times christening and baptism outfits are handed down from generation to generation. With our professional dry cleaning and preservation services you can rest assured that your child's outfit will be preserved for many years to come.


Leather and Suede Coats or Blazers

Suffolk Quality Cleaners know that when it comes to leather or suede the material requires special attention and professional cleaning to ensure the quality, look and feel of the item is preserved. It requires special training and our staff used the latest cleaning techniques to ensure the best results possible.

Stage Costumes Cleaned and Pressed

When it comes to theatrical costumes or historic military uniforms the dry cleaning process does not change. Suffolk Quality Cleaners not only will dry clean your costume or uniform but also can handle simple repairs or just pressing the outfit or uniform if that is all you need. We take great pride in ensuring you look your very best no matter what the event.

Fur Coat Cleaning

When it comes to your fur coat or fur shawls they require a more specialized cleaning process. We provide expert cleaning and fur conditioning service. One quick note, did you know that fur collects and gathers dust and dirt? You should have your fur coat or fur shawl cleaned once a year whether you wear it or not to ensure the original quality and look remains. You will find that Suffolk Quality Cleaners are properly trained in cleaning fur of all types.